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Are Pelican ™ cases Fireproof?

Are Pelican ™ cases fireproof? This question is a bit challenging. While we’ve seen numerous videos with real life scenarios where a Pelican ™ case survived or protected its contents from a treacherous fire, we cannot certify them as fireproof. Pelican ™ cases are built to endure extreme temperatures, however they still remain a plastic product, meaning that if subjected to direct flames for a period of time, they can melt. Pelican Air, Storm and Protector injection mold series are intended for a minimum temperature of -40° F (-40° C) to a maximum temperature of 210° F (99° C). Pelican ™ Hardigg ™ rotational mold cases (single lid and double entry rack mount) have a suggested temperature range of -20° F (-29° C) to a maximum of 140° F (60° C). For a complete list of Pelican ™ products and more, visit us at

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