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Butterfly on Pelican Air protective case.

Are Pelican ™ cases good?

Are Pelican ™ cases good? Of course! At Custom Case Pros, we certainly think so, as well as millions of Americans who trust in the Pelican ™ brand every day, including our US Armed Forces, Department of Defense, and numerous other government and prime contracting agencies. Pelican™ has nearly 50 years history of manufacturing the most reliable injection mold, rotational mold (single lid and double entry rack mount) cases on the market, which is why they are backed with Pelican’s Guarantee of Excellence. For more info on warranty details, email at or give us a call (405) 566-9290.

Here at Custom Case Pros, we may be bias due to our long tenured relationship with Pelican™ boasting 20 years’ experience, but rightfully so. We’ve developed a deep-seeded trust in their products, their values, and their service. Our executive team has developed numerous programs where Pelican™ Hardigg™ cases earned a reputation for being rugged and durable, as well as versatile with endless customizable options, including hardware, foam, labeling, and more. Pelican ™ earned our undying trust and exclusivity, so we’re excited to show you what the hype is all about! Just give us a call to start the conversation: (405) 566-9290. To explore available products and meet our team, visit us at

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