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Inserting key into TSA-approved luggage lock.

Are Pelican ™ cases TSA approved?

Are Pelican ™ cases TSA approved?

If you wish to travel with your Pelican™ case and want to lock it in order to prevent theft, a TSA-approved lock will be required. The following statement was found at

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has been provided universal “master” keys under agreements with Safe Skies Luggage Locks and Travel Sentry so that certain branded locks may not have to be cut to inspect baggage. These locks are commercially available, and packaging on the locks should indicate they may be opened by TSA officers.

All Pelican ™ cases, whether injection mold, single lid rotational mold, or double entry rack mount cases, have lockable options available for purchase. The lock option may depend on the specific case series and which installation method is preferred. Locks such as padlocks or cable hasps can be chosen, however those options will not allow TSA access to your case. TSA-approved locks keep thieves out while allowing the TSA necessary access and we have these available for the following case sizes:

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