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Divers training with gear near inflatable boat in water.

Are Pelican ™ cases waterproof?

Are Pelican ™ cases waterproof? We get this question a lot, which is why we wanted to answer. With numerous Pelican ™ product lines, it can be confusing as to which style maintains waterproof status. Pelican ™ injection mold cases (Protector, Storm, and Air) are built airtight and watertight. These product lines have an installed…

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Custom Case Pros: Revolutionizing Protection with Precision-Engineered Cases

Experience unparalleled protection and tailored precision with Custom Case Pros, the new game-changer in the field of protective casing solutions. Catering to the needs of defense, aerospace, medical, and technology professionals, Custom Case Pros is proud to announce its unique range of custom-designed cases and foam solutions. These meticulously crafted products ensure the highest level…

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