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Industrial black protective hard case with dimensions labeled.

What do the Pelican™ part number sequences mean?

Pelican™ Hardigg™ roto mold cases have a specific part number prefix of either AL, BL, CL, GR, or IS. And in case you were wondering what the part number sequences mean, here’s an explanation of each one:

AL – No acronym here. The majority of Pelican™ Hardigg™ single lid cases are prefixed with “AL”, which was chosen as the first prefix in the series. “A” being the first letter of the alphabet and the “L”? It has no real definition…that we know of. AL cases have 1½” thick walls, creating exterior case dimensions that are roughly 3” larger than its internal dimensions. To see a single lid AL case, check out the AL4024-1305.

BL – No acronym here either and to keep chronological order, of course “B” is next in line. The “L” remains consistent and we’re still unsure what it refers to. Maybe it means lid, or large, or latched. If we get better clarity, we’ll certainly let you know! BL single lid cases are larger, with 2” thick walls. Naturally, larger sizes require more reinforcement. To see one of these massive BL cases, check out the BL9836-3705AC.

CL – We covered A and B, so C is up next. These single lid cases have thinner walls, which is a bit tricky for a rugged, military grade container. There are only a few single lid cases with the CL prefix due to their small stature. The plastic walls on the CL single lid cases measure 1” thick. Here’s a CL1713-0403 for a glance at one.

GR – Grab and Roll – the standard configuration for these GR single lid cases includes edge casters (wheels) on one end and a telescoping handle on the opposite end of the container. This grab and roll feature can be installed on other cases not designated with the GR prefix, so long as it is deemed configurable based on the case’s molded in features. Check out the GR2216-0305.

IS – Inter Stacking – these were designed with molded inter-stacking patterns on the top and bottom of the cases to provide stacking ability in multiple directions. The purpose is to maximize use on a 463L pallet or other confined spaces. Here is an example of one: IS4521-2303. Below are a few examples of the IS stacking options in use.


The most useful piece of the part number sequence to remember is that it tells you the size of the case. For instance, look at the images below outlining the internal dimensions of single lid cases (in inches):

So, this means that the AL2216-0803 is 22” long, by 16” wide by 11” tall, with a base height of 8” and lid height of 3”. These are internal dimensions that may vary slightly. You can search for a specific size by visiting our Single Lid Size List. This part number pattern is true for all Pelican™ Hardigg™ single lid rotational mold cases.

To learn more about Pelican™ Hardigg™ part number sequences, read our next blog post on single lid case part number suffixes (

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