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What do the Pelican™ part number suffixes mean?

Have you noticed that Pelican™ Hardigg™ single lid roto mold cases sometimes have letters at the end of the part number? In case you were wondering, these also have meanings, which can be crucial to your packaging design. So that you can better understand each one, we’ll break these down:

AC – All-catch hardware (no hinge) – For some Pelican™ Hardigg™ roto mold cases, the standard configuration does not include a hinged lid, typically due to its size or weight. So instead, the lid is completely removable because catch and strike latches are used around the entire perimeter of the single lid container. The AL4824-1408AC case is a good example. If a single lid case part number includes the AC suffix but you prefer a hinged lid, Contact Us to see if we can change the standard configuration for that case. Many times, this can be accomplished.

FT – Fork-truckable (molded in provisions) – Some Pelican™ Hardigg™ roto mold cases have fork-lift provisions molded into the container, while others require installation of skid runners or other fork truck accessible features. If you don’t see the FT at the end of the single lid case part number but you require fork-lift access to the case, Contact Us to find out if it can be configured accordingly. Check out the FT provisions on this BL9024-1113FT/AC case.

HL – Handles on lid – Handles are installed on the lid of some single lid case sizes, instead of the base of the case, in order to fit within the molded handle wells of the container. The molded handle wells are the recessed portions of the case where handles or other hardware features are installed. In many instances, the HL feature is used because the case lid is larger than the base, making way for larger handle wells. All hardware and handles for Pelican™ Hardigg™ single lid cases are intentionally recessed to reduce shear and protect against damage. To see an HL case, check out the AL1616-0512AC/HL.

RA – Reverse application – As opposed to the conventional Pelican™ Hardigg™ roto mold case layout where the base is deeper than the lid, some single lid cases offer a deeper lid instead. This proves beneficial for heavier parts that are difficult to lift or remove from the container. With a reverse application case, you would remove the tall lid, exposing the part as its sits on a short base platform, much like a cake platter. Here’s an example of an AL2415-0215AC/HL. Additionally, the hardware for standard case sizes can often be reversed, creating this same configuration option for nearly any case size you choose. In such a scenario, the lid and base will be swapped during production so that the hardware can be installed appropriately. However, keep in mind that this will also reverse the stacking ribs on the top and bottom of the case. For more info on available hardware options, Contact Us.

W – Wheeled – These Pelican™ Hardigg™ single lid case sizes offer a molded in edge caster option. However, this doesn’t mean that wheel options are only available for cases designated with a “W”. Certain case sizes can be configured with wheels, using external hardware options, such as edge casters, 3’5” removable or fixed casters, and 5” removable or fixed casters. For details on which wheel option is best for your case size, Contact Us. For an example of a single lid case with molded in edge casters, take a look at the AL5616-0604W.

Many hardware options can be configured differently, depending on the size, weight, and use of the container. To inquire about alternative case features or options, give us a call (405) 566-9290 or send us an email: We will help choose the perfect hardware and case options for your project!

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