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At Custom Case Pros, we recently marked a significant milestone in our journey with a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the establishment of our business in 2023. The event was a celebration of hard work, dedication, and the support of our community, and it marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter for us. Our leadership…

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Guardians of Giants: Exploring the Versatility of Large Pelican Cases

In the world of protective cases, few names carry as much weight as Pelican ™ (formerly Hardigg™). Renowned for their durability, reliability, and versatility, Pelican™ Hardigg™ cases have become the go-to choice for safeguarding a wide array of valuable equipment and belongings. While their smaller counterparts are well-known for their utility in protecting drones, cameras,…

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Aerial Guardians: Protecting Your Drone with Customized Armor

In the rapidly advancing world of drone technology, manufacturers are constantly seeking ways to enhance their products’ appeal, protection, and overall value. While the focus often lies on the drone’s features and capabilities, overlooking the importance of its transportation and storage solutions can be a costly mistake. Enter custom foam inserts in Pelican cases –…

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Stacked black hard-shell equipment cases.

What do the Pelican™ part number suffixes mean?

Have you noticed that Pelican™ Hardigg™ single lid roto mold cases sometimes have letters at the end of the part number? In case you were wondering, these also have meanings, which can be crucial to your packaging design. So that you can better understand each one, we’ll break these down: AC – All-catch hardware (no…

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Industrial black protective hard case with dimensions labeled.

What do the Pelican™ part number sequences mean?

Pelican™ Hardigg™ roto mold cases have a specific part number prefix of either AL, BL, CL, GR, or IS. And in case you were wondering what the part number sequences mean, here’s an explanation of each one: AL – No acronym here. The majority of Pelican™ Hardigg™ single lid cases are prefixed with “AL”, which…

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Stack of gray storage cases.

How are rotational mold cases made?

So many people want to know: How are rotational mold cases made? So, let us break it down for you. For nearly 50 years, Pelican™ Hardigg™ single lid and double entry rack mount cases have been trusted by the US Military. These rotational mold cases offer 20% more protective material in the edges and corners,…

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Engineer inspecting a 3D-printed part with calipers.

How to customize foam in a Pelican™ case

How to customize foam in a Pelican™ case: At Custom Case Pros, we noticed there are several names used for referencing foam: foam insert, foam cushion, foam dunnage, base foam, lid foam…the list goes on. And, if we told you the secret, to customizing foam, we’d have to kill you. Totally kidding! There is a…

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Inserting key into TSA-approved luggage lock.

Are Pelican ™ cases TSA approved?

Are Pelican ™ cases TSA approved? If you wish to travel with your Pelican™ case and want to lock it in order to prevent theft, a TSA-approved lock will be required. The following statement was found at TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has been provided universal “master” keys under agreements with Safe Skies Luggage Locks…

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Butterfly on Pelican Air protective case.

Are Pelican ™ cases good?

Are Pelican ™ cases good? Of course! At Custom Case Pros, we certainly think so, as well as millions of Americans who trust in the Pelican ™ brand every day, including our US Armed Forces, Department of Defense, and numerous other government and prime contracting agencies. Pelican™ has nearly 50 years history of manufacturing the…

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Firefighter with equipment near fire truck.

Are Pelican ™ cases Fireproof?

Are Pelican ™ cases fireproof? This question is a bit challenging. While we’ve seen numerous videos with real life scenarios where a Pelican ™ case survived or protected its contents from a treacherous fire, we cannot certify them as fireproof. Pelican ™ cases are built to endure extreme temperatures, however they still remain a plastic…

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